Discovering skin maintenance is our concern

Whether you are getting ready for an event or your skin just screams for it, we've created the perfect box to get your skin exfoliated, hydrated and ready for any occasion! 


A little about our mission…

We aim to provide the best ingredients in our products that help aide in the exfoliation and hydration process. We use organic and natural ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins and minerals to help nourish the skin your in.  In fact, coconut oil is the main ingredient in our body scrub. Coconut oil is packed with nourishing fatty acids, which help to keep skin cells moist and strong by minimizing water loss. 

By regularly keeping an exfoliating skin routine, you will ensure that your skin looks brighter and fresher and it allows moisturizers to penetrate more thoroughly. This is what we hope to bring to you, our clients, for healthier and more glowing skin that'll make you feel runway ready on any occasion! Enjoy!

Meet our team

Michelle Toche


Jeremy Toche


Wendy Maier


How it all started

Michelle is a Licensed Esthetician. She handles skin everyday, whether she's cleansing with treatments or waxing the skin, she is in constant contact with the exfoliation process. She is an advocate for the skin's proper exfoliation. After constantly reminding her clients to exfoliate before and after waxing treatments, she along with her husband and best friend, decided to manufacture their own scrub and body butters to meet the needs of her clients. Her handmade scrubs and body butters were such a hit that they had a bigger plan that lead them to joining forces with Cratejoy.  

In the beginning...

Where we are today...

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