What's Inside?

Suits your needs

Exfoliation helps to slow down the aging process. Skin tone and texture are evened out. Manual exfoliation cleanses build up on the skin along with soothing itchiness from eczema and dandruff.


Nourish your skin

The botanical extracts nourish your skin with yummy vitamins and minerals that are added to our body butters. Let your skin drink up the moisture enriched body butters we've specially made just for you!


How It Works

1. Pick your box

2. We create your box

3. Enjoy your box! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scrub box?

The scrub box was created to help people fully enjoy the exfoliation process with the indulgence of rich body butters to moisturize after.

Can I customize my box?

No. Each month comes with a different essential oil scent. 

How are the boxes priced?

The boxes are priced according to product size and amount. 

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